BlobCity DB
Designed to meet all your data requirements

Blazing fast Open Source Database

A blazing fast ACID compliant NoSQL system with support for storing 17 formats of data. Full SQL and DML capabilities along with Java stored procedures for advanced data processing.

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Key Features

  • Full SQL: Run SQL queries over REST, JDBC & ODBC
  • DataLake: On-disk storage engine optimised for DataLake scale with low latency query response
  • DML Support: Designed like a DataLake, but works like a database. Full support for UPDATE & DELETE queries
  • Realtime: High speed in-memory storage optimised for real-time analytics
  • 17 Data Formats: Stores 17 formats of data such as JSON, XML, PDF, Excel, Word for collective analytics
  • ACID: Down to data level
  • Stored Procedures: Run Java & Scala code within the product for close to data for complex data operations
  • Fine-grained access control: Control data access across users and departments, with control down to individual columns
  • On-Cloud: Fully managed multi-tenant cloud with free storage and pay for what you analyse support

Many Requirements, One Product

Are you using a separate product for each of your data requirements, and then wishing to query all your data at once? But you can’t query all your data at once because your data is split across 4 - 5 difference products. If you are facing this problem, the BlobCity Data Platform along with its suite of products is the right fit for you. We offer a single product that meet your all your data requirements. In-fact our product is so diverse in nature, that we don’t actually call it a product, but call it a platform.

Database, Data Lake, BI & Data Science; now all the same

Use our single integrated platform to meet all your data requirements. Built in support for:

  • NoSQL Database with Relational Structures
  • Data Lake that natively understands your data
  • Built-in machine learning, deep learning, AI and NLP functions
  • Text and log processing engine
  • Timeseries and geo-spatial indexes
  • BI & data discovery
  • Data visualisation and dashboards

Use the entire platform or a part of it

You can use the entire platform of BlobCity to meet your all your data requirements, or a part of it to meet specific requirements. We understand that organisations have complex data requirements and a complex combination of products already in place. Choosing an individual platform to meet very specific requirements will still be a step closer to eventually having a fully integrated platform in place.

BlobCity DataField

Allows you to create data lake that natively understands diverse formats of data. Stores data in disk and offers full ACID compliance. It is a distributed storage system, designed to horizontally scale to meet even the largest of data requirements.

BlobCity Realtime

Designed for concurrent OLAP and OLTP workloads. Stores all data in-memory to offer sheer performance to meet your real-time analytics requirements. It literally processes data at the speed of its creation, and horizontally scales to offers sustained performance even in the most demanding conditions.

BlobCity Visualisation

A simple, easy yet highly capable dashboarding tool to enable data discovery. Caters to wide varies of citizen data science and BI requirements.