Realtime Multi-Model Database

Removing database as a concern from application architecture

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A dbPaaS for your high performance data needs

Flexible Schema

BlobCity DB's schema flexibility allows you to make changes in your application data structures without worries of data migration or administrative overheads.

Global Availability

Leverage the benefits of a multi-tenant infrastructure with the option of powering up on a regional data center, anywhere in the world.

High Performance

Leverage the power of BlobCity DB’s In-Memory caching and Stored Procedures to derive real time insights into your data.


Achieve incredible performance irrespective of increase in data volume with BlobCity DB’s infinitely scalable platform.

Security & Permissions

Store, manage and process both structured, semi-structured and Un-structured data sources.

High Availability

Replication of data on multiple data centers on a multi-tenant cloud giving you the durability even in cases of failures.

Choose from Hosted Cloud or On-Premise

Available on IBM Softlayer Cloud across 28 data centers globally

Our platform on the cloud is in Beta. We invite you to be on our Beta Test team. As a Beta user, you will be able to avail the benefits for FREE till we are in Beta. We would love to hear from you on the features you like, your experience with using a database powerful and much more capable than any other database today. Tell us what you like and dislike.

We will have your data secured on the cloud and restricted access to your data to help improve our product. Read our Privacy Policy or contact Support if you have any concerns.

28 datacenters 19 regions
13 countries

Install with Docker

Available on

Version: 1.4

BlobCity DB is available over a virtual machine setup managed by Docker.

Type the following docker command to download and start the database.

$ docker run -p 10113:10113 -p 10111:10111 blobcity/db

Download Adapter

For ease of connectivity with your applications, use BlobCity's Java adapter. Download the latest stable version into your application to connect to the database.