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Fast In-Memory database
For real-time transactions and analytics

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Analytics for

Machine Consumption

Analytics for

Human Consumption


Operational Workloads

Value Proposition

  • Avoid Technology Sprawl:

    Multi-model data support with operational and fast analytical capability. Single vendor for all your data-store requirements.

  • No data transformation:

    Supports JSON, XML, CSV, SQL and unstructured data types, thereby saving you the trouble of transforming the data into any database specific format for imports.

  • Reduced TCO:

    Unified data solution helps IT organizations avoid maintenance cost of multi-vendor systems, reduce resource footprint and achieve simplicity in application design.

  • 360 degree view for analytics:

    Extract $ value from structured, semi-structured and unstructred data to help business stay ahead of competition.

  • Extreme speed:

    Extreme high speed aggregations and distributed processing necessary for real-time analytics used in fraud detection, machine trading, etc...

  • Fast Cloud:

    Available as a database platform as a service offering over a multi- tentant cloud. Everyones compute power combined is now your compute power. Pay for only data with unlimited power available on-demand.


Infinite Scalability

Achieve incredible performance irrespective of increase in data volume with BlobCity DB’s infinitely scalable platform.

Infinite Data Processing

Store, manage and process both structured, semi-structured and Un-structured data sources.

Infinite Velocity

Leverage the power of BlobCity DB’s In-Memory caching and Stored Procedures to derive real time insights into your data.



Install with Docker

Recommended for Development and Sandbox environments

Available on

Version: 1.3.1

BlobCity DB is available over a virtual machine setup managed by Docker.

Instructions to install Docker

Type the following docker command to download and start the database.

$ docker run -i -t -p 10113:10113 -p 10111:10111 blobcity/db

Install with Vagrant

Recommended for Development and Sandbox environments

Available on

Version: 1.3.1

Setup Instructions

BlobCity DB is available over a virtual machine setup managed by Vagrant.

Type the following vagrant commands to download and start the database.

$ vagrant init blobcity/infinitum
$ vagrant up

OR See Setup with Vagrant for detailed instructions on Installation and setup on Vagrant.

Vagrant will setup the complete runtime for BlobCity DB using the VirtualBox provider. Links to download and installation of Vagrant and VirtualBox can be found on the respective websites.

Database Binary Download

Recommended for Production environments

Available on

Version: 1.3


Download a OS specific compilation of BlobCity DB.

Download and Install BlobCity DB with 2 simple steps:

Step 1. Download the Binary
Step 2. Adapter Download

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Adapter Download

BlobCity DB provides custom adapters for various languages that make it really easy to connect your applications to BlobCity DB. It is recommended that you use your adapters, for instant setup, speed of development and optimal query performance.

Adapter Documentation

Language specific adapters

Java - v1.2.1


BlobCity DB product documentation is hosted at BlobCity on the link mentioned alongside

Product Demo Webinar

BlobCity’s multi-model database gives you the capability of supporting operational and fast analytical processing.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the Product, Features and setting up BlobCity DB on your system.

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